If Bojo Won’t Curb That Court, Step Up, Farage!

From a surprising source, the far-left British media, The Independent to be precise, a useful article, which sheds light not only on how The Arrogant Eleven got into their lofty lordly positions…



UK Supreme Court justices are appointed by the Queen on the advice of the prime minister after being recommended by a special selection commission…

…but also asks the question every Brit should be asking, viz.

Should they perhaps also be subject to parliamentary scrutiny?

Better perhaps to top up that question with an additional option, election by the people…

…but the writer in ‘The Independent’ then reveals that she’s not on our side, by saying that ‘political fights that surround Supreme Court nominations in the United States might offer a powerful argument against this – especially in the present, highly polarised, climate.’  https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/uk-supreme-court-parliament-ruling-boris-johnson-brexit-a9121981.html

How so?

When the very future of a nation is at stake, that’s surely EXACTLY when ‘political fights’  – as at present between collabos and patriots locked in close quarters battle for British freedom – should be at their most fast and furious!



Why she’s wary of conflict and controversy on court appointments is frankly baffling, because she very clearly understands that the UK Supreme Court, whatever else it may have ruled on, ‘has also created a new legal precedent in which parliament had no say and which has only deepened existing political divisions.’

Spot on!

If neither people nor parliament have any say on any issue, then democracy lies stricken, bleeding out!

It’s time to fight back!


We’ve seen the wrongs inflicted not just on the UK, but on every citizen of civilised Europe, by the robed rogues singing from their cultural marxist song-book in Strasbourg….


Gambar terkait


…archetypal Enemies Within who have decreed that nation-states are banned from repatriating vile vermin, terrorists, to their homeland if that homeland might hurt them!

We have written previously about how ISIS scum, the so-called ‘Beatles…’


El Shafee Elsheikh (left) and Alexanda Kotey

Man Up, May! Those ISIS ‘Beatle’ Beasts Deserve To Die! 


Theresa May REFUSES to back death penalty for ISIS Beatles 

….were protected by Theresa the Appeaser from the death penalty the swine deserve.

Remember, she lied, saying it was time to get Britain out from under the Euro-Court yoke, then bottled out, as of course was her wont.

It’s no good getting Britain out of ECJ supervision if the ECHR continues to cast its evil shadow on justice in HM’s realms and territories, championing illegal undesirables…

Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..


  …denying police the right to arrest law-breakers known to have violated border law!

But arguably the most outrageous crime committed by the ECHR was when it declared war on free speech, endorsing that Austrian ban on anything that might offend Islamist fanatics…



..who set their alarm clocks every night with a note on their bedside tables reminding themselves that, when they rise in the morning, they must at once resume their quest for fresh cause to be offended.


The Arrogant Eleven, many of them, undoubtedly share the sick liberal ‘values’ that guide Continental jurists.

( Lady Hale sure does! )


And even if they didn’t, they should never be allowed to veto people power.

Hence my headline – if Bojo, for all his welcome attacks on the humbug of the whiners, will not commit to castrating that court, then we must look to Farage.


Nigel Farage


The Brexit Party leader has condemned the uppity judge-jerks, but we need to hear specific proposals to humble those uppities, tumble their hubris and bring that court and every court under democratic control.