Tories Can Hardly Deride Labour’s Foreign Voters Folly

Labour will let 3.6 million EU citizens vote in a second Brexit referendum…

Insanity, right?

Little short of treason, to give foreign nationals the whip-hand in any decision affecting the future of the nation-state.

 Yet we read that hardly a single Labour patriot could be found to oppose the madness.

Labour members overwhelmingly backed the motion…which would mean anyone with residency rights in the UK would be able to vote in a General Election, as well as any future Brexit referendum.

The who called this rubbish a ‘bad idea’ certainly wins the week’s prize for understatement.

But are the Tories going to make a big issue of this?


How can they?

For years they have allowed hundreds of thousands of aliens, not from friendly countries like Poland or the Czech Republic or France ( I mean the French people, not Muppet Macron!) but citizens of a hostile republic with an atavistic grudge against Britain and expansionist ambitions to boot…

Stop Dual Citizenship – Eire Is The Enemy!

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…to vote in every general election, AND in the 2016 referendum!

We have complained about this before…

Who Gets To Vote? Eire Aliens, But NOT Expat Brits! 

…but needless to say Euro-Crawlers like Cameron and May were never going to act.

If Bojo takes up the cause, great, but my bet is he won’t.

Over to the Brexit Party!