Cathay Pacific Won’t Re-Instate? Boycott – And Sod You, Fanny!

While a female journalist ( from the country I have lived in…


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Veby Mega –  I offer a photo of the victim as she should be, dressed up for a special occasion, not badly wounded by reckless cops – she may hold some distinctly odd opinions, but nobody deserves what happened to her!….

…for many years) has been shot in the face by Hong Kong Police, arousing the righteous indignation of Indonesians…


…it’s worth remembering that’s a risk the young freedom-fighters protesting against the collaborationist authorities in that territory actually face every day!


Hence a reminder that a while ago we asked readers to reflect on the morality of travelling with Cathay Pacific.

Flying Cathay Pacific? Please Think Before You Book! 


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There seemed to be a measure of ambiguity on the part of that airline’s management.

Then I read this.

So again I’m asking you to give careful consideration before buying your plane tickets.


I must admit, I have been remiss in not writing more about Hong Kong.

The sight of a crowd of concerned citizens there singing God Save The Queen on the news last month stung my conscience.


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These courageous people are up against the largest marxist tyranny in history, against the Beijing dictator – in whose presence, remember, slimy little Bercow obsequiously grovelled not long ago…

China President Xi Jinping addressing MPs and peers
….same little slimer who wouldn’t welcome our American ally’s head of state!


And then recently I read an article in

…which covered a number of aspects of the situation.

Yet it was the author’s description of a repulsive old collabo bat named Fanny Law, whose disgusting smears…

Govt adviser slammed for claim girls offer sex to protesters

Fanny Law.

Govt adviser slammed for claim girls offer sex to protesters  – Executive councilor Fanny Law said she had a true case but could not share evidence…


…against the pretty young protestors, which provoked me to find a photo and see what she looks like.

Smarmy-looking old cow!

And what a record of ‘achievement.’

Check out her wikipedia entry to see for yourselves.

Yet I fear for the protestors’ future.

As I said a few hours ago, what a pity those Reds won the Chinese Civil War 70 years ago.

If Britain had handed Hong Kong back to a Kuo Min Tang government…

…of the kind which let Free China (Taiwan) develop into a modern, successful and prosperous democracy, there’d be no cause for concern, no reason for rioting.