Rude As Hell! BBC Badgers Blonde Over Boris!

What contemptible behaviour – by the BBC!

I turned on the tv to get ready for the new series of The Walking Dead and instead got a dose of sex-obessed slime, courtesy of the UK state broadcaster.

Who does their insolent toe-rag think he is, badgering an American blonde over when and with whom she had sex?

Clearly the Beeb-Rats’ preferred answer was Bojo but the fact is….

MYOB!’s NONE of the BBC’s, or yours, or my business!



From what I have read about Mr. Johnson, he is not averse to banging anything, except maybe a garden gate, but who cares?

If he did the biz with the American blonde, he certainly showed better taste than Comrade Corbyn, whose relationship with Ugly Abbot…


…is no secret.

Although at least they are both normal in the sense that they have sex with women.

That’s a lot more than can be said for a lot of the freaky queer creeps at the BBC.