The Appeaser’s Pet Pinko Shows Her True Colours!

Much ado about Heidi Allen MP, the Turn-Coat Tory who has just joined the LibDems.


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About the only nice thing i can say about Horrid Heidi is that alone among all the female deserters, she is at least pretty.

I don’t mean she’s prettier than that harpy, Anna ‘Shrill’ Soubry.


A komodo dragon would fit that description.

Ms Allen’s actually quite cute.

But what the BBC report omits from their report  –– is Theresa the Appeaser’s disgracful and arrogant role in protecting this pretty pet.



The Tories in Allen’s Cambridgeshire constituency were quick to realise their MP was no more ‘conservative’ than a komodo is a kitten, and tried to get rid of her.

Who interfered to protect the Europhiliac wench?

Yup, Malevolent May, ever-eager to shore up support for her own sell-out stance towards the Brussels Empire.

Another reason retrospectively to savour May’s blubbering removal from Downing Street.