London Has Fallen? No Way! Get the Stinkos!

So today the Stinko Scumbags ‘plan to occupy the London City terminal building by “lying, sitting or glueing-on in front of the departure or arrivals gates…”

And The Independent adds that..

‘…if that fails, Extinction Rebellion said, activists will block the DLR station and road outside the airport terminal building…  ‘

The police need to take the gloves off!

These arrogant anarchist swine cannot seem to get it into their heads that they have NO right to make life hell for law-abiding decent Brits.

Two ways forward.

Either the tear-gas/truncheon option, police given full authority to earn their pay and thereby earning too the cheers of millions around the world…

..or stand back and give the tormented Londoners a free hand, free to kick the glued bast-rds out of the airport, and off the streets, or, if the mangy ratbags have glued themselves to something immovable…


Image result for dog pee lamppost


…bring along obedient dogs to urinate on the scum, until they beg to be unglued