Sidney BC Mayor’s Weasel Words? Not Good Enough!


In the Canadian Province of British Columbia, as the province’s name suggests, such an item would be unsurprising.

So what a shock when the councillors of Sidney, on Vancouver Island, surreptitiously had it hauled down, and, to add insult to injury, when caught out by angry citizens, declared the dirty deed was done ‘with the intention of replacing it with Indigenous art.’

What a bunch of pinko creeps!

Appeasing militant Red Indians, who are a very small pecentage of the population, is one thing, but to do so to the detriment of the majority, with no consultation via a popular vote, is an affront.

When the local monarchist leader, Bruce Hallsor, took up the issue, he was told by disloyal bureaucrats that ‘the Queen’s portrait was removed because it represents a relic of colonialism and is inappropriate for modern Canada.’

These damn flunkeys are not only arrogant but ignorant. Canada is a constitutional monarchy, and, while there have always been disloyals, the Crown remains an integral part of the constitutional system.

The Monarchist League man is quoted as saying-

Quite frankly I could not believe it. Sidney is quite a hotbed of monarchy…”

Like most normal people, BC folks see little reason to wander into civic buildings, so the subversives’ sneaky move occurred in May, so we’re told, but only became public knowledge last month.


The missing portrait!

As the local news report says, ‘once word got out, the backlash began.’

The ‘explanation’ given to the monarchists undoubtedly exacerbated the rising sense of outrage.

.’…the town is engaged in a process of reconciliation with Aboriginal communities which includes spending $10,000 on Aboriginal art…’


By offending every loyal Canadian in the neighbourhood?

‘A call to Sidney City Hall reveals it has received many calls and e-mails from perturbed monarchists and everyday Islanders.’


So the pinko creeps are feeling the heat!

the town of Sidney seemed to be having a change of heart.’

Now we get to the villain of the story, Sidney Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith…

Sidney Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith, who broke spending rules during his campaign, will retain his seat. File photo.


…who, when called by the media, ‘was unavailable to answer any questions…’

Instead this mayor with the posh, double-barrelled, very British surname sent out an email!

The portrait of the Queen will return to the walls of our Council Chambers upon a commissioned piece of First Nations art being completed, likely in early December. 

I believe the Town of Sidney’s Council Chambers will be more inclusive by acknowledging both our local First Nations and our Constitutional Monarchy.” ​​​​​​

That’s no damned answer.

Firstly, why wait till December?

Why hang about till the Indian art-work is done?

What’s stopping this lugubrious-looking character getting off his mayoral butt and putting the royal portrait back where it belongs…Image result for do your job


If they want to hang a bit of local Indian decoration somewhere in the town hall, that can be done when it’s delivered.

Which is so obvious that even a journalist noticed and wondered and asked,

McNeil-Smith would not say whether the Queen will resume her original position, reigning over council chambers, or if the new Indigenous art piece will take centre stage, but together they will share the space.

Would not say?”

This uppity jerk should be dragged out of his cushy office and MADE to say!

He is ANSWERABLE to the people.



That’s what ‘responsibility’ actually means!

And by the way, what’s His Lugubrious Honour going to do about those slimy disloyals who dissed the Canada’s head of State as a ‘relic’ and  ‘inappropriate?



Those republican rats need to be rooted out, named, shamed and fired!