Lefty Nutjob Navarro – BBC’s ‘Republican’ Blogger?

I hadn’t heard of Ana Navarro till last week, when a strange fat woman appeared on BBC, which called her a ‘Republican Blogger!’


Ana Navarro.png
Ana Navarro


I thought for a moment they were redressing their usual Trumpophobic bias.

Nasty Nabila Stars In BBC’s Hate-Trump Show! 


Hasil gambar untuk gavin esler dateline

Dateline’s Extremist Esler

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ -BBC 

But suddenly she got into a rant, excoriating the US President!

Typical lousy BBC dissimulation!

Navarro is as truly ‘Republican’ as I am a champion of temperance!



Then today I read about her, recognised her snarly fizzog, and am not at all surprised at her extreme left yammering.

I think Venezuela’s red ruler, Maduro, will also be surprised, at her ignorant claim that he’s NOT a socialist.


Gambar terkait

Maduro with the Evil Old Man of Havana


If there’s one thing his friends and foes generally agree on, it’s his dogmatic commitment to ‘Chavezist’ socialist ideology.

Please read the linked report, which exposes both her ignorance and her poor manners.