Proud To Be A Patriot? Wear A Brexit T-Shirt!

I like even though some of its writers infuriate me.

On the issue of Brexit, the message has been uniformly, unimpeachably pro-democracy and pro-Britain.


Accordingly, in the past, I have urged readers to send them a donation.

Tonight, however, what I’m on about is not a chance to give money away but to spend it wisely and well!

Men’s T-Shirt
Women’s T-Shirt
Tote Bag
Full Colour Mug


Look at their online shop and see their range of Brexit garb, coffee-mugs etc.

Here in Jakarta, I can have most any kind of t-shirt run off for a most agreeable price – this past summer, I was wearing one with a good old Canadian Red Ensign design…



…just fine with the words ‘Dominion Day’ to go with it.

Maybe you have similar places where you are that can meet your creative demands.

But why not help spiked and get a guaranteed goodie!

Here’s the link to use –