Well Said, Dutton! Communists Are Vermin!

Australian government minister Peter Dutton’s denunciation of the despots in Beijing, evil men who cower from the judgement of the Chinese people…


– throughout the 70 years the Reds have held power, they have never dared risk a free election, despite having murdered tens of millions of those they knew would definitely vote against them!

…is most welcome!

He has clearly hit a raw nerve, judging by the shrill rants coming out of the dictatorship’s embassy.



“We strongly condemn his malicious slur on the Communist Party of China, which constitutes an outright provocation to the Chinese people,” the embassy statement said. “Such ridiculous rhetoric severely harms the mutual trust between China and Australia and betrays the common interests of the two peoples.” https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/oct/12/peter-dutton-accuses-china-of-stealing-intellectual-property-and-silencing-free-speech

Do those embassy dorks really expect anyone to think that Dutton’s attack on the slave-masters is a provocation to the slaves?



But this episode should not be left at an exchange of speeches!

Only a month or two ago, when various demonstrations were taking place in Australian ( and other) cities over the situation in Hong Kong….

London, Paris, Sydney – Beijing Reds Emerge From Under Their Stones! 

…we drew attention to the vermin element, violent yammering Red scum.

As I described them at the time –

‘Beijing’s lick-spittle lackeys, mobs that seem at least as large as the crowds of decent democracy campaigners, have also appeared, confronting the pro-freedom protestors.’


Image result for pro-beijing sydney

That’s just one picture of the communist rats. For more, use this BBC newslink…



Some may have been students, susceptible to intimidation of families ‘back home,’ but it was not established how many of the communist louts were actual residents of Australia, perhaps even citizens.

In fact, it’s not even clear if ASIO photographed, I.D-ed, or otherwise investigated these actual or potential enemy agents.

THAT has to be a priority issue in terms of Australia’s national security.


What every decent human being aspires to witness – the destruction of communism!

Patriotic anti-communist citizens in the Chinese ethnic community, surely a majority, should be mobilised to hunt them down and turn them in.

It makes no more sense to leave such subversive disloyal swine undeported…

Indonesia Shows Oz and UK How To Handle Hizbut!


….than it does to leave the likes of Hizbut Tahrir free to spread their poison.

PS – and the same goes for Canada!

“This is Canada! Go back to China!” 

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And who shouted that




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