Belated Justice! Migrant Beast Dead In German Prison!

It is a scandalous situation when evil people who do not deserve to live a day longer actually end up costing tax-payers millions, the cost of confining them for years.



That was most certainly the case with one of Mama Stasi Merkel’s most monstrous migrants, whom we described in a post last year.

A Huge Demo You Didn’t See On TV! 

...a dense crowd carrying German flags and banners reading “you turned our children into sheep then invited in the wolves….” 



It was the AfD, together with a “women’s rights” group called “Kandel ist überall,” (Kandel is everywhere)…


Please note that, were it some pinko feminist Me-Too gang, led by filthy-rich celebs, there’d be no inverted commas around ‘women’s rights!’

That’s just the usual slanted reporting from DW, the tax-funded state media cabal, institutionally biased – its mission defined as ‘liberal’ by statute.

Decent women who dare march with the patriot party perhaps don’t count with Merkel’s lap-dog hacks.

Kandel is the little town where a German girl was brutally murdered by a filthy Afghan savage…


Hasil gambar untuk mia abdul kandel

The lying alien swine claimed to be 15 years old!

….described by DW of course as a  ‘refugee.’

One of many ‘fake-child’ migrants!

The pig lied about its age – nearer 20 than 15 – but it was kindly treated by Mia’s family, who were as ill-advised to do so as she was to keep company with it.

Police failed to cage the swine when it showed its true nature and began to harass them.

Then Mia was stabbed to death in a local supermarket.

There are plenty of reports you can find for more details


Hard to think of any happy ending to a story like that, but despite the miserable record of the German judiciary…

Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks …

Islamist Fanatics Have It Easy In Merkel’s Germany! 

some sort of justice has at last been done.

The pig hung itself.