Bojo Spurns Clean Break, Just To Keep Trash On Board?

Damian Green MP is a pain in the neck. And I could say a lot worse about him, if it hadn’t been said before!

Green Gone – Lesson For May? Steer Clear Of Liars! 

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PM sacks deputy Damian Green after report finds he lied 

He’s one of those oxymoronic ‘liberal  conservatives’ who belong in the trash can along with Shrill Soubry and Heidi Allen and Dominic Grieve.

But unlike that turgid trio and other Europhiliac jump-the-dykes, he has hunkered down, along with the ‘up to 50 Tories’ who, the Guardian suggests,  ‘would choose not stand for their party at the next election in protest…’

…if a Clean Break Brexit were to be included in the Tory manifesto.

If ever there were a golden opportunity, this is it!

If Johnson defied the freaky fifty’s ‘anti-no-deal’ hysteria and made a real deal, not with the Brussels Empire but with the Brexit Party, Britain could be reborn, once more a proud nation founded on patriotic principles and decent values.


But I doubt Bojo has the bollix – in fact Mr. Green has told the media that he has extracted an undertaking from the PM that there will be no Clean Break manifesto pledge.

As Hallowe’en looms, I’m haunted – by the spectre of betrayal.