UK Labour Joins US Dems Voter Fraud Fan-Club!

Corbyn’s comrades can’t even be original!

They’ve started carbon-copy cribbing from the USA Media-Democrat phrase-book

– “voter suppression”.    U.S Elections – Citizens Out-Voted by Obama’s Illegals? 

– as they carp about the proposed new law requiring voters to present photo ID.

Labour lay themselves wide-open to accusations of indifference to grotesque voting fraud…


…as has been known to happen!

“Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!” 

Corbyn is either blind to or happy about the prospect of any number of such bogus electors showing up at polling  stations, shrouded like primitive aliens, claiming to be whomsoever.

The government’s reform is well-intentioned and may well do some good.

But would it not be all the better were Boris Johnson to act positively, on his own stated recognition that burkas are an affront to civilised society?



Ban them.