Clinton Interview Exposes NHS Betrayal Of UK Women

When the two were asked whether someone with a beard and a penis could ever be a woman, Chelsea did not hesitate in saying 




Only by comparison with her deranged daughter could Deplorable Hillary be defined as sensible!




I don’t read the Sunday Times but the Free Press article on the interview the Clinton women gave that UK newspaper startled me, NOT because of the vacuous opinions the younger one spouted…


….but the revelation that the NHS, which Brit politicians exalt as a wondrous example of a state health-care system, forces real women to share hospital wards with precisely the beard-and-penis possessing freaks mentioned above. For God’s sake!

Imagine if your old mum had to sleep in such a ward, her bed between two others, both occupied by such trans sickos?


Or your school-age daughter?

It’s more than deplorable – it’s   simply disgusting.

Any such mentally disordered creatures should be in solitary confinement in a mental hospital!

PS – I almost hesitate to enquire about the possibility (probability?) of transfreak fake ‘women’ working as nurses in female wards.