Bojo’s Deal – Dirty As Bad Friday? Read The Full Text!

It’ll take you a long time to wade through this full text, as published by the Brussels Empire, of the pact which the Prime Minister has put his name to…


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…or you may prefer to wait until patriot lawyers ( yes, there are some!) translate it into normal folks’ language.

But I thought it would be handy for pro-freedom people to be able to read for themselves what that fop Johnson wants to push through the Houses of Parliament.

My readers in Ulster especially will find it useful, if only to see how committed to the Bad Friday Sell-Out both ‘Bojo’ and the EUSSR really are.


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My initial response was circumspect, but that’s firming up into suspicion, or worse…!

My question earlier today…

…will no doubt soon be amswered.

I’m going out of Jakarta for a wedding this weekend…


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…so while I will be enjoying Javanese and dangdut music and dance, the lousy Commons will be yammering – let’s see how things pan out on Saturday’s ‘Special Sitting!’

Good to see the DUP seem to be standing firm in their resistance, despite shrilling from that Alliance Party besom Naomi Long, who was on BBC TV an hour ago, helpfully reminding us that her rotten outfit is ‘neutral’ between loyalty and disloyalty. She’s a damned disgrace and more fool anyone loyal to the Crown who voted Alliance.

I see too that Farage is squaring up to screw Johnson whenever the elections comes. Again, despite misgivings about some of his appalling candidates, people determined to get a real Brexit will fall in and fight th fop.