Distraught Deviants Seek To Silence Critics!



More than 6,000 people are calling for Piers Morgan to be removed as anchor of Good Morning Britain for his “dehumanisation” of transgender people.

The aberrant intolerants are at it again!

Despite a plethora of propagandists all over the media, spreading their fraudulent ‘gay’ gospel, not least on the tax-funded BBC…

BBC Makes A Big Thing About ‘International Things Day!’ 

…when one guy on tv dares call out the transfreak nonsense, they demand he be sacked and silenced.



Rarely has the word gaystapo been so apt!

The hysterical ( both in the sense of deranged and sense of deliriously funny!) ‘arguments’ for this ‘witch-hunt by weirdo’ are fascinating.

Morgan spreads “dangerous misinformation” about trans people as part of an “insidious agenda” that reduces LGBT+ people to a “mere joke”, the petition https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2019/10/13/sack-piers-morgan-petition-itv-good-morning-britain-transgender/s.


Of course normal people make jokes about abnormal people who think they’re male when they’re female, or think they’re female when they have a real penis down there to pee with.

And of course it’s laughable when the sad sickos use their made-up private language to insult the intelligence of normal people.

“This is the kind of dehumanising dismissal of transgender/non-binary/gender-fluid individuals…”pseudo

…..yabba yabba yabba…

And even on simple fact, the weirdo whingers get it wrong.

“Morgan dictates to his viewers that it’s acceptable to deny an LGBTQ+ person of their rights; it’s acceptable to tell them they don’t exist; it’s acceptable to call them ‘snowflakes’ when they get rightfully upset.”

Morgan does not ‘dictate,’ because he’s not a dictator.

The real dictator mind-set is to be found in, among other places, Broadcasting House…

BBC Flunkeys Getting Above Themselves? Fire Them! 

…where a substantial cohort of perverts and their collaborators seriously wants to prevent any honest debate on these matters.

He talks common sense (at least on this issue) and if the wretched maladjusts ‘get upset,’ who cares? They can stamp their little feet, flounce off the ‘Drag Queen’ stage, and mince off!

But wait!

The pink-knickered petitioners do eventually reveal what’s got them so uptight!

Morgan’s broadcast words, it seems, are ‘influencing large audiences…!’

Aaah, so the fretting is down to the fact that the maladjusts fear the public is receptive to Morgan’s message?

That the millions who bite their tongues and don’t say out loud how disgusted they are with the interminable trans-freak frothing, for fear of PC policing…

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…will listen and nod their heads in agreement and start to push back against the ‘gay’ inquisitioners?


I hope so!