After Canning Town, Canada! More Citizens Resist Panic Pukes!

AAfter Canning Town, Canada!


come on Canada

More Citizen Resistance To the Climate Panic Pukes?


After True Brit London commuters taught no end of a lesson to that filthy violent Stinko at Canning Town tube station…

now we read that Truly Canadian ‘Pro-energy campaigners plan to challenge a climate change demonstration by teen eco-activist Greta Thunberg in Canada with their own counter-protest.’

CBC – no doubt to the dismay of their leftist editors –  has had to report that a convoy of around 100 trucks has departed Red Deer in the province of Alberta for the region’s capital, Edmonton, some 150km away, where Thunberg is expected to appear today.

Their aim is to set her straight, an uphill but laudable mission!


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That addled brat is unused to anything except mindless millennials’ adoration, and sycophantic slugs like those various parliamentarians who are content to sit in reverent awe as she scowls and gapes and shrills her half-baked harangues.

I hope the admirable Albertans give the little clown Hell!