Google Jackboot Stomps Swiss Patriot Party!

Switzerland has an election next Sunday, October 20th, and the most biased social media outfit in the world has brazenly taken to meddling.

That’s possibly an unfair statement on my part.


‘Borderless’ – The Film YouTube’s Geekstapo Won’t Let You Watch! 

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Twitter and Facebook are at least as hostile to free expression of political ideas as Google’s YouTube.

But nothing unfair about the charge of interference in the Swiss election campaign, where the Zurich branch of the SVP patriot party has had a factual video on so-called ‘asylum-seekers’ blocked on YouTube.

Some leftist censorette, described in the report as ‘Google spokeswoman Violeta Torres,’ admits the intrusion, with the usual multicultist tripe excuse of ‘hate-speech.’



But in Zurich the Swiss People’s Party handed the tech-leftists video a deadline  – today – to put it back online and condemned the company for intervening in Swiss politics….

SVP-Zurich spokesman Martin Suter told AFP that “all statements in the film are sourced.”

The Local’s report that put us onto this story reflects an aspect of The Leftal, sorry, The Local, we have noticed before…

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The first line in the first paragraph claims that the SVP ‘demonises asylum-seekers’  – but, further down the page, we get nearer the truth, that it merely ‘features a set of headlines that question the validity of asylum claims made by Eritreans and argues that Eritreans living in Switzerland are a drain on national resources.’


As to that ‘validity,’ which is open to debate, we are content to let Swiss voters decide, though Google clearly wants to deprive them of access to viewing helpful to making that decision.

As to the ‘drain on natural resources,’ that is sure undeniable.


Whether genuine or not, ‘asylumers’ soak up public funds.

The SVP  – like any thinking Swiss – were disgusted at the previous policy, which, The Leftal explains, meant that –

…to qualify as a refugee upon arrival in Switzerland, Eritreans simply needed to say that they had left their country “illegally…”


Thankfully, those rules were tightened following a 2017 court ruling, which found that not all Eritreans seeking asylum in Switzerland faced imminent threat in their home country.

Odd how it takes a court ruling to confirm what’s glaringly obvious to anyone with an ounce of sense!

The SVP’s Zurich spokesman, Herr Suter, gave chapter and verse to justify the video, quoting from previous court rulings to claim that Eritreans, who currently make up the largest group of asylum seekers in Switzerland, are not “real refugees.”

What we are seeing here is blatant pro-crimmigrant bias, YouTube covering up key truths about undesirable aliens.

Nor should we expect anything else.

The anti-social media are anti-nation media.

Asked what the SVP would do if the video was not restored by Sunday, he told AFP the party would decide how to proceed on Monday.