Sick Britain – Cops Swallow Trans-Freak Delusionary Rape Data

Either the British Police are now the uniformed UK wing of the gaystapo…

…or whoever oversees their behaviour is guilty of issuing orders akin to insanity.

And that person is none other than Priti Patel, Home Secretary in Johnson’s Cabinet..

Priti Patel Minister.jpg

…and a woman who is often said to be a “rightwing conservative.”        Hey, Priti! Tell Thick Dick To Smash ‘Animal’ Mob! 

I refer to the LSN report which is itself based on news in The Times, viz..

Police allow male rapists to call themselves ‘female’ in criminal records


Yes, you read it correctly. 

“Six forces, including South Yorkshire and Thames Valley, disclosed under freedom of information laws that if someone is arrested for or convicted of rape, the official record will state the gender they [sic] chose to identify themselves [sic] as…”



At least there is a barrage of protest at this disgusting and dishonest police practice.

Police forces let rapists record their gender as female > This feels so wrong. The stats are going to be skewed to imply women are raping women and that the number of men committing rape is lower than it is, affecting policy. Who benefits? 

But the brain-dead bobbies – boobies? – are digging in to defend their law enforcement derangement syndrome affliction.

“There is no evidence to suggest that recording a person’s gender based on the information that they [sic] provide will have an impact on an investigation or on national crime statistics,” insisted the National Police Chiefs’ Council to the Times, “because of the low numbers involved.”

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Asinine turds!

They’re a lousy gang, the senior cops back in The Old Country these days, as we have reported often enough.

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But WHAT is Priti Patel going to do about their offensive antics?