Bravo, Mr. Bryson – Ulster Will Be Right To Fight!

I saw earlier this afternoon in what is arguably a foreign newspaper – with a British address, but a rag which overtly appeals to disloyals…


Image result for eire flag burns

Banners fit only for buning!


…whose hearts beat faster at the sight of an alien flag…–1745909/

– that Ulster loyalists are getting organised.


Image result for bryson loyalists constitution


A blogger named Jamie Bryson called a meeting and all manner of the kindred came together, promising they will be withdrawing from all “cross-community and cross-border work and will totally disengage from the Irish Government.”

They have also said they will engage in a “war of attrition” designed to “frustrate the operation of all cross community and cross border initiatives”.

They need to, as a matter of urgency!

The Bojo Fake-Brexit is a shameful betrayal of the Best of the British, the loyal folk across the water, and they are entitled to resist it in any way they think fit.

No Surrender!