How Dare You, Corbyn, You Piece Of Sh-t!

Bojo the Fake-Brexit Fop is a piece of work, yes, but after Comrade Corbyn’s comments in the Commons today, it’s hard to describe that Labour swine as anything but a hypocritical piece of sh-t!



The rotten little red runt accused Johnson of having ‘thrown Northern Ireland under a bus.’

Not entirely inaccurate, true, but such an accusation, from somebody who has openly  treated the scum of the earth, Sinn Fein/IRA, cop-killers, ethnic cleaners extraordinaire…


adams murders

. not simply participants in the terrorist insurrection in Ulster who have to be dealt with, but as persons worthy of smiling camaraderie…



Blood-Beast Adams with Comrade Corbyn

.. simply disgraceful.