Betcha Bojo Won't Take His Opportunity To Send A Spartan!

Now’s the day and now’s the hour!

Britain will have to propose an EU commissioner if it still is a member of the EU after 31 October, European Commission president-elect Ursula von der Leyen said Thursday. The UK is likely to get an extension to the Brexit deadline, and under EU law, all member states have to propose a commissioner. The new commission will come into office with at least one month delay, on 1 December.


Few committed Brexiteers trust Johnson any longer, and for those who still cling to the hope that he cares about British independence, this decision will surely be a clincher.

Most if not all my UK readers will be aware of what I define as the ‘treason compact’by which the Brussels Empire requires ‘E.U. Commissioners’ – aka Commissars – to swear.

Instead of maintaining their allegiance to their own country, which is the paramount duty of every citizen of every country, appointees must undetake ALWAYS to put the EUSSR first.

I’m not distorting or exaggerating- that’s fact!

So will the Forsworn Fop nominate another lickspittle lackey of the sort we’ve seen time and time again, the likes of the oleaginous Leon Brittan, back in the Eighties, up through Bliar’s favourite homo, Mandelson, or the Kinnocks….


Hasil gambar untuk kinnock eu

The Kinnocks did very well out of their Brussels jaunts


….down to recent Commissars like Julian King, whose fanatical Europhiliac ranting during the referendum campaign showed everyone where his ‘loyalties’ lay, and no doubt still lie.

In a near-hysterical social media outburst he raved that Johnson’s “crass and dangerous” rhetoric will “fuel violence” on Britain’s streets…

So unlikely Bojo will give him any further tenure there!

What any self-respecting UK PM would surely do is appoint a known patriot, one of the Spartans, perhaps…


Farage would be fun, but Johnson won’t do that, for partisan political reasons


– and make the appointment conditional on an undertaking from the appointee that he or she would ALWAYS put British interests first when discussing and voting on any Commission decision.

It would need to be a person of strong character – Bill Cash MP, maybe…


Bill Cash MP


…or how about Stuart Wheeler, the Brexit backing millionaire, who performed very well against Lefty Sackur on BBC Hard Talk this month?

Either of those good guys would have a field day during the obligatory inquisitions that candidates undergo at the hands of the Strasbourg Slugs.


  The Brief: Never, ever trust Guy Verhofstadt

They’d make mince-meat of Ghastly Guy Verhofstadt!


But more than likely, Boris Johnson will be a good little boy and send yet another Yes-Man to Brussels, another stooge sworn to serve the ‘European Project.’


The PM is all mouth and trousers, or should we echo his own words – a big girl’s blouse!?!

For your information –

Commissioner Portfolio Commission Party
Christopher Soames External Relations (Vice President) Ortoli Conservative
George Thomson Regional Policy Ortoli Labour
Roy Jenkins President Jenkins Labour
Christopher Tugendhat Budget, Financial Control and Financial Institutions Jenkins Conservative
Budget, Financial ControlFinancial InstitutionsPersonnel and Administration (Vice President) Thorn
Ivor Richard Employment, Social AffairsEducation and Training Thorn Labour
The Lord Cockfield Internal MarketCustoms Union and Taxation (Vice President) Delors I Conservative
Stanley Clinton-Davis[83] EnvironmentConsumer ProtectionNuclear Safety and Transport Delors I Labour
EnvironmentNuclear Safety and Transport
Bruce Millan Regional Policy Delors II Labour
Regional Policy Delors III
Leon Brittan Competition and Financial Institutions (Vice President) Delors II Conservative
Trade (Vice President) Delors III
External Relations and Trade (Vice President) Santer
Neil Kinnock Transport Santer Labour
Administrative Reform (Vice President) Prodi
Chris Patten External Relations Prodi Conservative
Peter Mandelson[84] Trade Barroso I Labour
Catherine Ashton[84][85] Trade Barroso I Labour
Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (First Vice President) Barroso II
Jonathan Hill[86] Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union Juncker Conservative
Julian King[86] Security Union Juncker Conservative