‘Men Are Not Women?’ Truth IS The New Hate-Speech!


The first lesson some readers should learn from this report is – don’t send your kids to any college as steeped in ignorance and intolerance as Kennesaw State University.

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    We have often used the illustration below to highlight the way ideological censorship is imposed on patriotic conservative people and media.

But what better example of the cultural marxist determination to outlaw truths that undermine their destructive agenda…



…than the response of the sponge-bob square-pants drips at that college to a planned speech by Michael Knowles entitled –

Men Are Not Women.”

Enraged by that simple truth, and by Knowles’ record of speaking up against leftist hogwash,  far-left ‘progressive student activists’ (aka rabid regressive ratbags) lost it completely.

Knowles is ‘transphobic,’ they shrilled, and would exacerbate what they say is their university’s already “hostile and dehumanizing environment for marginalized people.”



The meeting, organised by Young Americans for Freedom, was on Monday, so we had a look at the latest news…

…and apparently there was a protest.

But the most interesting aspect of that has to be the behaviour of one Kennesaw prof, name of Jackson, who sent out a letter telling ‘her’ students they’d better join the intolerants’ anti-free speech demo.

‘She’ later denied she was coercing them.


I use inverted commas because the Daily Wire report has a big photo of a man within its coverage of the latest Kennesaw capering.

All very weird!

For non-American readers, you can learn more about Knowles via Google Search, if they have not suppressed that info, but one’s heart gladdens to read what KSU’s pinko creeps complained about, viz.,

Image result for greta thunberg

That addled brat  

You may know him as the man who was recently banned from Fox News for calling Greta Thunberg a ‘mentally ill Swedish child’,” the group adds in reference to Knowles referencing Thunberg’s diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Smart man, yeah?

In conclusion, there must be a grain of hope that all is not lost at that creepy college, because the whining subversives state clearly that –freak_show

Our campus continues to be a hostile and dehumanizing environment for marginalized people..


If decent students still feel free enough bravely to assert that ‘marginalised’ freaks are fake-men and fake-women, then good for them.