‘Toddler?’ ‘Hissy-Fit?’ German State Media Knifes Bojo!

Brits should be made aware of the bigoted anti-Brit Bias spewed out by the blonde bimbo on DW news tonight.


The headlines above exemplify the dumbo bint’s bias, she who introduced the news on the German channel tonight, midnight.

She purported to quote a critic, but could as easily have quoted a supporter.

That’s how DW works its wicked way!

The channel is committed by its charter to bias, required to be ‘liberal’ – so why is it still allowed to rip off tax-payers?

I’m no fan of PM Johnson, but to traduce him thus, whilst ignoring the quintessential evil of Jeremy Corbyn.



Blood Beast Adams with Comrade Corbyn

media bias


…is just pathetic.

DW is a disgrace!