Patience, Pretty Patriot! Back Marine For France’s Sake!

Always a pleasure to feature this lovely young lady, or indeed any lovely lady…



Marion Marechal

…but today we need to offer words of caution to Marion Marechal.

According to Reuters, she’s giving serious thought to running for President of France in 2022, against Le Muppet.

Obviously, we must all hope that Macron will be cast out of the Elysee Palace.

His record is atrocious, whether on illegal aliens- think of all the crimmigrant cargo boats from which he’s invited fake ‘refugees’ into France…



…or on the jihadist Enemy Within, which, despite mass-murderous assaults on French citizens all over the country, Macron,like his German soul-mate, Mama Stasi Merkel, has refused to intern.

So yes, it’s essential to oust the drip!

Yet that job should be reserved for Marion’s incredibly admirable Auntie Marine!


Marine Le Pen and her reinvigorated National Rally came out ahead of the Muppeteers in the Euro-Election this past summer.

She has huge and growing support and it would be a dangerous move by young Marion to split French patriots when the very identity of her country is at stake.

Next time round, after 2022, by all means take your turn, French Flower, but for now…?

Patience, cherie!