Another Election Today – The Good Guys Look Like Winning!

I wandered around Perugia once, some years ago, and wasn’t greatly impressed, one way or the other.

It was just a big city in Italy.

I’d have been more alert had I known that the region of which it’s the capital, Umbria, had only ever been governed by either communists, the far left or the center left since Italy began holding regional elections nearly 50 years ago.

But then rabid leftists don’t have fangs or swishy forked tails.

Most of them look like perfectly normal people…


Red Renzi, leader of the leftist ‘Democrats’


…although there are exceptions to that.

With respect to Red Renzi, the ‘Democrat’ party leader, he equally doesn’t think like a normal Italian either – few proud citizens of Italy would have cowered from the evil ayatollahs the way he did as PM.


  • rome_statues

  • On the left, what the anti-democratic sectarians saw…of the beautiful statue on the right!  
  • Naked Truth? Renzi Belly-Crawls To Islamist Intolerance!   
  • However, the dark days of left dominance in Umbria appear to be over, though we must be patient till tomorrow to see if patriot hero Matteo Salvini matches in reality what the polls are predicting.

  • The article in Politico is remarkable in that there is an air of surprise about its reportage, as if a staunchly working class area should somehow be unwilling to give electoral support to patriot parties.

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  • There’s even a quote from a bloke named Marco –

  • …a history researcher from the town of Marsciano who did not give his surname, thinks the shift began a few years ago. He said that during the 2014-16 PD-led government of Matteo Renzi, center-left politics went from being associated with workers to the upper and middle classes, creating a fundamental shift….

  • And that surprises the man, or anyone?

  • Of course socialist parties, in Italy as elsewhere, are nowadays dens of pampered privileged prats, who live safe distances from the crimmigrants they impose on working class areas.

  • Look too at London, big anti-Brexit vote, because honest British workers are evacuating the capital leaving it to decadent metropolitan elites.

  • And to alien-origin people of whom far too many still cling to alien-origin customs and cultures, who have replaced the indigenous English.

  • Another resident of Terni, an industrial city, echoes the views of many erstwhile Londoners.

  • “We’re all impoverished, no jobs, no future for our kids, you walk around Terni and all you see are immigrants,” he said.

  • So no wonder Salvini is doing well!

  • ====

  • “The most shocking fact,” said Marco, “is that the workers in Terni’s steel factory all vote for Salvini.”

  •  .Results tomorrow