Naked Lady Legislator? Just Be Glad It Ain’t Shrill Soubry!

I do re-schedule my blogposts now and then, to coincide with when it’s likely interested audiences will be up and about.

Brits and Europeans in general do not rise and shine till I’m enjoying Jakarta’s sunny arvo…


…hence I wait till my evening before blasting off about Brexit.

North Americans have so many time zones it hardly matters and Antipodeans often get my postings on their concerns sent as the sun sets in Indonesia, while they’re at lunch.

However, mostly my timing is random.

Today, nevertheless, I’m carefully avoiding disturbing Brits on their Sunday mornings, because the very idea of seeing that ghastly bat Shrill Soubry naked is highly likely to make healthy folks throw up!



Fear not!

I’m only indulging in a flight of horrid fancy, based on a true tale of Naked Truth, the licentious conduct of a dumbo Democrat named Katie Hill, a frantic far-leftist who vigorously…  



“Denies Affairs With Staffers Despite Photographic Evidence”

Please do read on…

Racy New Photos Of Rep. Katie Hill Emerge From Her Bisexual “Throuple”…Your Jaw Will Drop

….but just be very, very glad it’s that slutty American and not the repulsive Anna Soubry!

She’s not just repulsive in her collabo thinking but in her matching snarly appearance.



Can you imagine a photograph of THAT, naked, staring back at you as you sit down lazily for Sunday brunch, from the front page of your eagerly awaited bulky weekend newspaper.


Even your fluffy little cat could only respond one way!