Those Evil Turks Should Never Have Been In Austria!

Exactly how many sectarian traitors infest your country?

You all need to ask yourself that question.

Sensible people already have, like Austria’s patriot party presidential candidate,  did a year or more ago.

Herr Hofer, who’s now in charge of the FPO….

Campaign posters featuring the far-right Freedom Party leader Norbert Hofer during the party's Oktoberfest in Vienna on September 19, 2019

…shrewdly noted that, unlike the famous battle outside the city walls some three centuries ago, which was indeed momentous, in that it saved Europe from Islamist Turkish expansionism, this time the Enemy Within was precisely that – inside the Gates of Vienna, 

“…we must also reflect on what is happening: 5,000 Turks – and that is an effective strength of a brigade – took to our streets, well organized and with flags, just within hours.”.

Highly relevant, when we read that an evil imam ‘and three other men have been locked up by an Austrian court for running a religious group that recruited young men for Isis.’

But what kind of sentences did these swine – all born in Turkey – get, in the court-room in the city of Graz.

The maggot in charge went to prison for a mere seven year stretch. And his demonic accomplices?

NO jail time at all!

The three scumbags got, and I quote,  six-year, five-year and five-month suspended jail terms for their links to Isis in Syria.

What is WRONG with Europe’s judges?

The report goes on to remind us, as if any of us have forgotten, that in recent times –

Austria saw a wave of people – many of them minors and some young women – leave the country to join Isis in Syria and Iraq.’

What the report does not remind us, however, is how Austria did not defend its own borders against the horde of fake-refugees.

That rabble was absolutely fake, because they had stomped their lying way through several safe countries where, were they actually looking for a safe haven…


cowardly crimmigrants


..they could have stopped and applied for ‘asylum.’

Instead, they set their sights on northern Europe, purely motivated by greed, an urge to get their snouts into the tax-troughs they’d been told about!

We wrote about this back then, observing with horror the alien advance and the failure to resist, which Austria could have done effectively.

Not by any means a military power, there are nevertheless modern armed  forces, well-equipped, with well-trained servicemen and women ready and eager to defend their little country.

Yet the cowardly Kern regime in Vienna refused to give the order!

Austria Lets Ingrates Pour In, Then Blames USA! 

Gambar terkait
It was the coalition of Kern’s Socialist Party (SPO) with the phoney ‘conservatives’ of the OVP – Vienna’s Phoney ‘Conservatives’ Urge Vote For Far-Left!    – that stood back supinely, allowing hordes of primitives to march in when Mama Stasi Merkel sounded the ‘come-one, come-all’ call to Germany, only two years ago. And decent Austrians have been paying the price for this folly ever since!

Austrians Face Rising Tide Of ‘Asylum’ Crime! 

“Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair

In 2016, a Muslim preacher known as Ebu Tejma at the centre of an Austrian jihad propaganda network was sentenced to 20 years in jail for “brainwashing” dozens of people aged between 14 and 30.

That’s more like it!
But deportation is best!