Jackboot Dorsey’s War On Truth!

She was also banned from Twitter for stating that “men aren’t women” and for “misgendering” transgender women on the site.

She has taken legal action against the company.


The identity of the victim of the millionaire leftist who runs Twitter is almost immaterial…

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Dorsey is happy to allow hate-speech, against patriots.

Who Will Report This Remainiac For Incitement? 


… but you may recall we looked at this case before….

In Turdistan, A Renegade Tory Takes On Two Brave Women! 

…and the update is that the lady got to hold her meeting, under police guard, in Toronto, while freaks galore expressed outrage that she was afforded free speech.

Ms. Murphy is no conservative but even so.

Punishment, in the form of jackboot censorship, was meted out by the swarm of red jackals Jack Dorsey employs to police his Twitter police-state.



Men are very obviously not women, and to refer to men masquerading as women (or vice-versa) as men ( or vice-versa) is not ‘misgendering’ but truth-telling.

If you’re in any doubt what sex you are, go take a shower and look towards the floor.

Whatever you see down there, about a yard and a half above floor level, will clarify the doubt.



Dorsey’s Dorkstapo are not just wicked but stupid.