Happy Hallowe’en! Watch Out For Witches…And Wewe Gombels!


Most Western readers will know what a Wicked Witch looks like.

But here in Indonesia there are all kinds of unique spectres, including a scary, supernatural, female being…


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…the Wewe Gombel!

Parents tell stories about her to warn their errant children what might befall them if they stray too far.

British readers may think they’ve seen her before…


Fourth Reich Fan Shrill Soubry – WRONG, Again! 

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Brexit – Shrill Soubry Pants For Stalin-Style Purge! 


….but methinks there’s only a similarity in appearance between the frightful spectre and the hideous harpy who’s often on the BBC!

Abominable Anna doesn’t go out of her way to scare humans, as the Wewe Gombel does.

With Shrill Soubry, it just comes naturallly!


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