France 24’s Far-Left UK Fanatic Guest- Interviewed Uncritically!

Yet another of those France24 far-left fillies on today, and all I had actually wanted to do was watch their  2.30pm news.

I had tuned in promptly and thus had the misfortune to catch a posh-voiced chick with one of those fancy-pants double-barrelled surnames.


Olivia Salazar-Winspear was ‘interviewing’. – actually ‘cheer-leading’ – an English marxist named Hawkins, who was babbling about how somebody or other was doing or not doing  something to ‘pathologise her disclosures.’

I mean, who else but a cultural marxist would deploy such a clap-trap phrase?


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He was talking about the trans-freak traitor Bradley Manning, who now purports to be a woman.

You should watch the so-called interview yourself, but be warned, it’s so devoid of any effort at balanced to and fro, so slanted by its hostess, that it’s probably indigestible.


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As, I suspect, is Hawkins’ new film, about the filthy freak!

Travers Hawkins tells us more about the delicate balance between intimacy and respect when filming his subject, why whistleblowers need to be heard and we discuss the political rhetoric influencing much of Western society today.

Better, Comrade Hawkins, to say “ ITS disclosures,” surely, since it has had various of its private and personal bits manicured…

…and is not really a man any longer, but obviously isn’t a real woman either.


Tim Travers Hawkins didn’t specifically admit to his marxism, but littering his babble with terms like ‘class consciuosness’  and ‘violent nihilism?’

A dead give-away!

As was much of the rest of his ranting, special pleading about how –

‘Chelsea and Snowdon have suffered greatly..’

Oh, boo-bloody-hoo!

’…We really need people like Chelsea..’

Pinko sob-sister Winspear-Salazar is a total waste of space as an interviewer. She should stick to doing what she enjoys.

Olivia enjoys writing postcards, reading subtitles, and discovering flavors of carbonated drinks she never knew existed.

Instead of challenging him to justify his extreme left yammering, she overtly incited Hawkins, with gems like her reference to the renegade Edward Snowdon ‘whom many people describe as heroic.’

If this imported Brazil-born Anglophone bigotress had an ounce of commitment to basic journalistic impartiality, she’d have added –


Image result for edward snowden traitor"

and whom many other people describe as criminal.’

Similarly, she allowed her red guest to talk about Bradley Manning as a ‘whistle-blower!’

That’s not what Manning is!


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The Thing is a dirty treasonous slime-ball. It would still be doing time for its betrayal of its country had Obummer not let it loose early!

But there was more than just Hawkins’ cinematic ode to the swine he insists on calling ‘Chelsea.’

France24 just had to make sure he could also plug his ‘migrant’ movie. His grotesque bias against those he deems ‘the rightwing,’ oozed forth in response to The Fillies’s loaded question-

Do you see any analogy with Brexit?

Oh yes. The use of the immigrant as a scapegoat…

Yeah, it’s so MEAN to blame the ‘poor, desperate’ creatures…


…even when we know they are a menace, right?


As usual, Hawkins carefully ignored the key distinction between legals and illegals.

We got to see a clip.

It’s a kind of commie cartoon, an animated ‘bureaucrat’ with a dimwit voice portrayed saying fairly sensible things….




…about the migrant menace, but in an uneducated monotone sufficient to make factual assessment sound sub-neanderthal.

For an exercise in bare-faced propaganda…

….France24’s offering today was hard to beat.