Vile Somali ‘Refugee’ Savage GUILTY!

The filthy savage shown below was admitted to Canada as a ‘refugee’ – on what basis?

Presumably on the strength only of his word,

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif in a police booking photo on 2 October 2017.
 Abdulahi Hasan Sharif


Yet, had even basic vetting been undertaken, had he been held at the US border, pending thorough investigation, rather than being ‘given refugee status’ on that border?

Then he’d not have been prowling murderously in Edmonton Alberta with an ISIS flag.

The tragedy is that the savage was known to have spent time in custody in the USA, or should have been known to have spent time in custody in the USA.



According to US officials, Sharif spent several months in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement before being deported from the US in 2011.

The Canadian government said Sharif was given refugee status the following year after he made a claim at the border

If the savage had been locked up  – and kept under lock and key  – on arrival in Canada, if he had been interrogated intensively, specifically on his commitment to shariah fanaticism, which is, after all, a big thing in Somalia, would he have been unleashed to commit murderous mayhem?

Whoever accorded him ‘refugee status’ bears a heavy responsibility…

merkel danger

…just as Mama Stasi Merkel can be fairly accused of having blood on her hands for opening up Germany to a horde of unvetted primitives!


Can’t blame Turdo this time, much though we’d like to. He was not PM at that time.

Who was?



If both Turdo and his Tory predecessor have been operating such policies, it’s time to ponder alternatives.

Clearly Canadian border controls have been lax for a very long time!

Perhaps Canadian voters need to think hard before the next election and face the fact that they missed a golden opportunity last month.

Max Bernier is down but not out.

As more and more ‘refugees’ ( and their offspring ) prove themselves unfit to be citizens…

…,GOOD citizens may start to rally to the PPC.