Soros, Prince Of Darkness, Boasts Of His Malevolent Meddling!

A very indolent weekend so far, Saturday out only to get a haircut – not a time-consuming activity, given my hair has been in recession for some time – and a quick brunch at the warteg…



…two stops which cost me in total four dollars, good reasons to stay in Jakarta – then home all day watching tv and composing blog posts intended to appal the handful of pinko creeps who read my output purely to heighten their blood pressure…

…then, this bright Sunday morning I arose at 8.30am, only to have my own blood pressure go into orbit at this Guardian headline…

George Soros: ‘Brexit hurts both sides – my money was used to educate the British public’



The arrogance of this plutocrat sticky-beak has made him a hate-figure all over the world, welcome only among the elites which misrule many nations…


…and although the article is not without unintended humour …

like this ‘

As a hedge fund manager, he was more likely to spend his free time reading and writing philosophy texts than hanging out on the golf course….

–   which makes one observe that he might have more wisely spent his time reading about the law on financial propriety…

Mr. Soros was a sufficiently experienced investor and “could not have been unaware that his decision to invest in shares in [Société Générale] entailed the risk that he might be committing the offence of insider trading,” Wall Street Journal 9/10

In a blow to Mr. Soros’s two decade-long legal battle to clear his name, judges at the European court said that French law on insider trading was sufficiently clear to provide grounds for a conviction.


...and useful reminders of the monster’s powerful reach

He is still worth around $8bn, even after a recent transfer of around $18bn from his personal funds to his foundations (together these currently spend an estimated $1bn a year around the globe).

No wonder good people in many lands are alarmed.

The article is honest enough to quote Hungary’s Foreign Minister .

The Hungarian government’s problem with Soros, he said, was that he uses NGOs for political purposes, despite having no “mandate” to do so. “There’s a perception that if you say the word NGO, it goes without saying that it’s a good thing,” he argued. “But that’s not true.”



And the Guardian writer admits that Soros ‘side-stepped the question.’

Alarmingly,  to me, at least, for I was hitherto unaware of his family details, the fact the evil old man’s days are numbered – he’s 90 – does not reduce the threat of his billions to free nations and free speech.

He has a son, named Alex, aged 34,  who appears to be as committed to global meddling as the shifty old bast-rd who sired him.

(Shifty? Yes -even the sympatico Guaridian interviewers notes that ‘I leave unsure whether this is the confusion of old age or, more likely, a canny tactic to divulge information on his own terms.)

As I’ve said before, the UK should declare him PNG