When Even Obummer Wearies Of Woke-Weasels?

When all the PC hogwash gets too much even for Obummer, it must be bad.


On the other hand, he may be a menace but he’s no fool and may just have realised that normal people can’t stand PC.


Interesting also to note that the BBC report felt it necessary to explain what the non-word ‘woke’ means to the dimwit pinkos who use it.

‘Woke’ Is A Past Tense Verb, Not An Adjective – Please Use ‘Red Nazi!’ 

But most fascinating were the examples offered of Dem notables obliged to proffer kow-tow apologies to the woke-weasel ratpack.

Before withdrawing from the race, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand went on television to apologise for using the term “illegal alien” in the past.’

But they are illegal aliens!


Apologising for using the proper, legally-approved words that describe the undesirables whom I tend to refer to as crimmigrants?


Elizabeth Warren has apologised for identifying as Native American…’


I think that’s called LYING..

But the worst has to be The Southbender Butt-Boy!

….Pete Buttigieg has apologised for his use of the phrase “all lives matter”.


In other words, the queer mayor performed  the same grovel-act we wrote about when another Dem wannabe abased himself before a mob of shrieking black racists four years ago

Booed By Racist Mob For Saying “White Lives Matter,” Democrat U-Turns ASAP 

…even when he had explained that to him, as with all sane citizens,  ALL lives matter.

Contemplating their racism is unpleasant, but contemplating Butt-Boy’s base apology is nauseating!