Middle-Aged Posh Dirty-Mouth -‘Politicians Mustn’t Appeal To The People!’


Today, let’s contemplate a middle-aged stuck-up who’s been railing at politicians, right and left, who dare to talk about the people as opposed to the elites, of which I’m sure she considers herself a prize specimen.


We have looked at this pampered grown-up brat before, the Guardian’s Marina Hyde….


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…and it’s fair to say she’s not a pretty sight.

But more unpleasant still is her infantile propensity for showing us – again –  how she can use dirty words…

Guardian’s Posh Gutter-Mouth – ‘Something Of The Shite About Her!’ 

Apologies for the rude word, but read on and you’ll see that she’s a repeat offender, a sad thing, for she had excellent educational opportunities, as befits a posh little pinko.

The foul-mouthed cow allegedly read English at Christ Church, Oxford  –


Gambar terkait

Back then, we asked if The Guardian could ‘compel or cajole its columnists to wash their gobs out with carbolic soap now and then?’


But most unpleasant of all is her sneering at the idea that we mere ‘people’ dare imagine that democracy means what it does mean…


…rule by the people!

The middle-aged pinko pukette had a very privileged upbringing, which even her real name, Marina Elizabeth Catherine Dudley-Williams, suggests. We have, some of you may recall, covered her origins a month or two ago.

Poor Little Rich Girl (New Wave Readers) by…

Her Grandpa was a Tory MP, a baronet, who, to his credit, took sensible stands on criminal crack-downs and once called for the resignation of Homo Heath.

Her Daddy inherited the baronetcy and sent his ‘proper little madam’ daughter to ultra-posh private schools.

Then, as previously noted, she got her degree from Oxford.

We need also to mention that she married a BBC big-wig, a ‘head of strategy,’ unsurprisingly, since the BBC is, like the Guardian, infested with fancy-pants leftists.

You can read her hogwash for yourselves but she really ought to have a nap before she writes.

Her style is fundamentally incoherent, and to justify her wrath at both Johnson and Corbyn for ( admittedly hypocritically in both their cases, but that’s beside the point! ) acknowledging the people as the proper source of sovereignty, she falls back on another leftist, Cas Mudde, whom we have noticed before…

Far-Right? Lefty Rag Gets Lefty Prof To Justify Smear! 

To take the proper measure of our Mr. Mudde’s pinkoism, we have the fact that he found it ‘staggering’ when 85% of Europeans surveyed on crime expressed the perfectly rational view that “nowadays there is too much tolerance. Criminals should be punished more severely.”  http://www.eurozine.com/articles/2010-08-31-mudde-en.html


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Should we rely on an ‘expert’ with overtly leftist views to give us objective input on those whose views he abhors?


…and whom she inexplicably describes as ‘an expert in this field,’ who ‘stresses that neither “the people” nor “the elite” should ever be homogenised and essentialised, and that “politicians have to stop pretending to speak for ‘the people…’” https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/nov/01/johnson-corbyn-farage-the-people-elite-election-party-leaders

Homogenised and essentialised?

What kind of gobble-de-gook is that?  Presumably Mudde’s disapproval of politicians who try ( or purport ) to ‘speak for the people’ spills over into a reluctance to communicate in language that ‘the people’ (and maybe even Dirty-Mouth!) understand!

Oh, and a naive little question!

Whom, pray, SHOULD politicians speak for, if not the people they wish to govern?

Sure, Mudde has written a lot, and doubtless read a lot, but if she is going to invoke an ‘expert,’ she should find somebody less sanguine, somebody who has not shown himself to be so bitterly partisan in his hostility to those he opines about.

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The value of GENUINE expert testimony is that it’s disinterested, which Mudde is NOT! He shares Dirty-Mouth’s hostility to ‘populism,’ though he drapes it in jargon…


…which I suppose is at least preferable to Dirty-Mouth’s verbal diarrhoea!

Johnson claims to speak for the people. So does Corbyn. I don’t think either of them do, but they’d not stand much chance in the coming election if they didn’t say they did.

And the mere fact that they feel obliged to say that appears to terrify Dirty-Mouth.

What could possibly go wrong? One way or another, we seem fated to find out.

Let’s this Sunday send up a prayer, whether we’re at church or at the pub for Sunday lunch, that everything that might possibly go wrong for media uppities like her, and her kind, WILL go wrong!


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The rotten media are a blight on decent society.

The running dogs should be sent off to do penance in their lairs, their stately homes or their lush metropolitan apartments…

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…while REAL BRITISH PEOPLE decide their own shared destiny.