‘NGO’ Pinko Slurs Bolsonaro, Carefully Cued By BBC’s Clever Maryam!

Some Indian ‘activist’ in Brazil was murdered last week, and the BBC duly reported the crime.

But the slanted ‘news’ report on Sunday was a crime against the impartiality which the BBC is bound by its charter to observe.



The news-reader was named Maryam Moshiri, and very surprisingly  (not!) Maryam had invited an obscure far-left ‘NGO’ flunkey to comment – but clever old Maryam carefully sought to cover for her own typical BBC bias…

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Maryam Moshiri


….with that handy get-out clause –  ‘a lot of people saying’ – that the ‘rhetoric of President Bolsonaro’ was to blame!

Very objective – NOT!

After all, since Bolsonaro was elected by a majority of Brazilians this year…


Jair Bolsonaro


…it could equally have been possible for ever-so-clever Maryam to interject that ‘a lot of people deny’ that their President is at fault…



…but Hell, this is the BBC we’re talking about!


Sure enough, the lefty shrilled back, picking up Maryam’s cue just like Little Miss Echo.

….it’s a genocide…..the racist rhetoric of Bolsonaro and his ugly business colleagues…encouraging, almost giving the greenlight…


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The shrill was identified as one Sarah Shenker, as said an ‘NGO’ flunkey, of course, and to be fair to her, a check on her ‘NGO’ reveals that her rant is par for the course…



President Bolsonaro has “declared war” on Brazil’s indigenous peoples


Shenker and her ‘NGO’ are entitled to their opinions.

BUT there was, of course, no chance, it being the BBC, of anybody appearing on a live link or in the studio who could exercise a right of reply to her rabid anti-Bolsonaro diatribe.



That would surely be what ANY media purporting to be objective and even-handed would ensure.

Who knows what the full story is?

So it was loggers who did it?

The murdered man had had a few run-ins with loggers, apparently, but that quarrel is essentially economic.

Nothing to do with ‘racism!’

BBC bias stinks.