Another, Bigger, Scandinavian Brat, Rude To Its Elders And Betters

Not as young in years as The Addled Swede Brat, but a Dane named Jonas Eika showed a similarly ill-brought-up demeanour last week…



…at the awards ceremony organised by the Nordic Council.

The ceremony hit some headlines when T.A.S.B *. gracelessly refused a prize for her infantile antics….

= * the addled Swede brat!

….but what about this?


Image result for jonas eika"


You might not expect such a gaping galoot to produce much in the way of creative writing, but evidently his pinko scribbling, with its “global perspective” and…dealing with “contemporary political challenges,” appealed to the jury.


Jonas the Jerk is in his late 20s, so even if his parents were as bad as Ghastly Greta’s at bringing up children…




….he ought by now to have learned a few basic manners all by himself.

But no, once he’d said a brief thank-you to the jury, he showed the large gathering what a slob he truly is, launching a nasty pro-crimmigrant verbal salvo at Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, sitting on first row.

The oaf whined that Denmark was ‘continuing the former government’s “racist language and policies”.

By that, ignoring the fact that such a rant was completely irrelevant to the occasion, presumably he meant that alien ingrates were not being treated with soft enough kid-gloves…


civilised man v savage


…and that primitives couldn’t just barge across Danish borders and do as they damn well please.

Nor was it only his own country’s concern for security that upset the klutz.

He criticised all Nordic countries for placing refugees in prisons or remote camps, where they break down, get ill and some attempt to commit suicide.


If the blighters don’t like it, they shouldn’t have imposed their ingrate selves on somebody else’s country

Or countries

Jonas the Jerk continued.

“Many of you are contributing to the militarising of the EU borders in a process that risks the lives of thousands of migrants, while at the same time benefitting the security and arms industries, including several Nordic companies,”

When you recall the sort of savages demanding, and sadly getting, easy entry into Europe…




…one could only wish for some genuinely serious ‘militarising,’ instead of the idiotic importation of more and more primitives!


After the awards, winners and nominees, politicians and guests were served a climate-friendly beetroot steak with potatoes.


Beetroot steak?

No beef on the menu? Glad I wasn’t invited!

angry face

Maybe foreknowledge of the fare on offer had put Jonas the Jerk in such a bilious frame of mind!


All credit to PM Ms. Mette Frederiksen, who took the fanatic leftist’s discourtesy in her stride, afterwards merely observing –

“Well, we live in a country with free speech.”


Which is what some of the dirty ingrates who have settled in civilised countries don’t seem to like…





…swine such as the scum who were charged for their role in a murderous outrage, the terrorist attempt on the life of the cartoonist Lars Vilks…



Cartoonist Vilks


… which Vilks survived, but in which – and in a related attack, on a synagogue the same night – other innocent people died, slaughter about which  a pignoramus named Bhostan Khan Hossein had this gem of jihadist intolerance to add…


 “Those who died were innocent. The cartoonist deserved to die!”


..AND also in Denmark….

Three months?

Better just to hang scumbags like those, but if the death penalty is not yet re-introduced, DEPORT THEM.

No doubt Jonas the Jerk would object!