Joe Biden Once Spoke For His Country – When Did He Cease To Care?

Use the link to watch Joe Biden tell the truth, and ask yourselves, what has made him turn his back on that truth today..

Unless we do something about that cadre of young people, tens of thousands of them born out of wedlock without parents, without supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing, because they literally have not been socialized…


civilised man v savage


..If we don’t they will, or a portion of them will become the predators 15 years from now. Madam President we have predators on our streets…



Again, it does not mean that because we created them that we somehow forgive them or do not take them out of society to protect my family and yours from them. They are beyond the pale. We have no choice but to take them out of society.

“We Have No Choice But To Take Them Out Of Society” – Wow! Joe Biden’s Racist ‘Predator’ Comments On Young Black Men Resurface (Video)