Viva Vox! Patriot Party Surging In Spain!

Excellent news from Spain, where there’s a “likelihood of far-right party Vox almost doubling its representation..”

DW reports (no doubt tearfully!) that “Vox is set for significant gains, winning 46 seats, up from 24 after the last elections in April this year.”


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Good in itself, of course, but better still when one considers that neither of the two mainstream parties, the Socialists and the ‘centre-right’ People’s Party, seems likely to gain an overall majority.

The PSOE, the socialists, would never countenance an alliance with Vox.

But their rivals?

If Vox entered a coalition, they could exact a fine price – one hopes a much-needed tougher border policy, with serious action against savages violently gate-crashing Spain’s enclaves in North Africa…



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..or even, an infinitely desirable objective, rounding up and kicking out the undesirable aliens whose anti-social, criminal behaviour…

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…makes life miserable for many Spaniards all over the country.

Viva Vox!