Transgender Agenda Subverts Fair Play In Sport – Sign The Petition!

It’s easy to laugh at trans-freaks mincing around, men clad in women’s clothing, with stubbly chins all caked with ludicrous make-up…

…but the reality is that their agenda involves repeat acts of injustice to girls and women in sports.

Fair play is the first casualty of ‘LGBT’ aggression.


Here’s a good petition! I suppose only Connecticut citizens can sign it, but I’m sure appropriate versions could be organised in other places, in other countries too.

PETITION: Biological males don’t belong in girls’ sports –


Selina Soule is a female athlete who now must compete against biological males because of Connecticut’s policy requiring that boys who identify as girls be admitted into girls’ sports competitions.

But, when boys compete in girls’ sports, they win because they have a natural advantage. It’s scientifically proven, and it’s also common sense.

This crushes the motivation of the biological girls who have worked hard to compete on a level playing field, only to enter into competitions which they can never win, despite all of their efforts.

It also puts girls into harm’s way in contact sports, AND it deprives female athletes of their right to fairly compete for college scholarships and other accolades.

This is wrong! And, that’s why this URGENT petition supports Selina and all the other female athletes out there, who have put in the hours on the track or on the court.

Please SIGN this common sense petition supporting Selina Soule’s complaint to the Dept of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, against Connecticut’s discriminatory policy.