UK Tax-Funded Climate Talk-Shop? Will BOTH Sides Be Heard?

Anything to avoid proper democracy.

 Ministers accused of ‘sham’ consultation over gay marriage – Telegraph

Cameron did it with homo-weddings, Macron’s been doing it with special rules to exclude any view he dislikes..

Muppet Macron’s Mock-Consultation -“We’ll Only Talk About What WE Value!” 

..and now Westminster’s wallies are fooling around with a ‘consultative assembly…’

….to tackle climate change, with 30,000 invitation letters landing on people’s doorsteps from 6 November.


Thirty thousand out of 30 million voters!

And that’s how parliament plans to get a diverse collection of people together to hear from experts and those with lived experience of the topic being discussed?




Will diversity fall at the first hurdle, with only ‘experts’ from one side of the debate getting into the assembly to let the ‘consultees’ hear pro and con opinions?

We need to ask, because there are already attempts all over the world to shut down debate on climate.



Only on the weekend I tuned into the Australian channel ( ABC, so not expecting much!) and there was that dork Peter Fitzsimons…


Peter FitzSimons

Peter FitzSimons

…the left fanatic who thinks it’s cute to go about dressed up as a pirate.

Amazingly, he had changed into a tux, and was addressing a bunch of hacks, ranting that there was only one side of the climate debate, the one he agreed with.

His bigotry is alas not unique.

Climate Censorship – BBC Takes Its Cue From Stalin!  

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And remember this? 



Pusillanimous Prof – Phil Jones

…and that vile Professor Jones of ClimateGate?.

ClimateGate – A Retrospect! Well Worth Reading, I’d Think! 


Actually, that figure I mentioned earlier, the thirty thousand lucky Brits?

That will fast be winnowed down to just over a hundred!

The assembly will run over four weekends between late January and the middle of March next year in Birmingham. A representative sample of those that respond to the invitation will be selected, with 110 people set to take part. 

And if more than 110 concerned citizens indicate a desire to participate?

Will the Westminster Wallies draw names from a hat?

What a wondrous thing consultation is!