As Patriot Party Rises, Germany’s Night-Hag Facing Final Curtain?

Just been watching the commemoration of the Fall of the Wall, live from Berlin.


A pleasant memory, the monument to marxist evil thrown down by patriot crowds.


I’m home tonight, my plan to have a few beers scotched by the old drinking buddy meant to be joining me. He dropped out, an sms earlier informing me that his child was in a ‘bad mood’ and therefore had to be taken out somewhere fun.


My response was a helpful suggestion that the sulky one should indeed be taken out – to the wood-shed!

But I fear there’s no hickory stick in that house!

All this moved me to stay in – I’ve never been one to drink on my own. Hence a few thoughts inspired by other German news!

Having done her best to ruin her country, and indeed all Europe..



…Germany’s night-hag, Mama Stasi Merkel, appears to have woven her destructive spell on her party too, with more and more CDU stalwarts standing up to the blood-stained old brute…



…and trying to return the CDU to the principles it was founded to promote, not a multikulti authoritarianism but Chrsitian Democracy.

‘Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union risks “tearing itself apart,”‘ says the Guardian breathlessly, ‘over her legacy in the wake of a string of poor election results, as some conservative politicians double down on her pro-immigration stance while others eye a pact with the nationalist far-right.’

Oh yeah, ‘far-right’ again, the meaningless smear that the Lugenpresse always applies to any party that speaks up for their own people.

In the next sentence, another nonsense term pops up, a snarl at the ‘openly xenophobic Alternative für Deutschland (AfD)’ -a slur easily disproven by just a glance at the photo below…



…in which AfD leadership cheerfully poses with foreigners, leaders of other countries’ patriot parties in readiness to fight the good fight against the Euroid in-crowd of the EUSSR.

After all, ‘xenophobia’ means fear or hostility to foreigners, not at all the same as resistance to intrusive primitive aliens…

German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

Filthy Savages, Amok Again! Why Not Just Shoot Them? 

…or righteous resentment to ingrate Turks…



…who carry German passports but flaunt their allegiance to a foreign Islamist tyrant.

But that’s restating the obvious. Meanwhile…

No fewer than  17 CDU politicians ‘have written a letter calling for lifting the cordon sanitaire around the far-right outfit.’

Cordon sanitaire!

What an indefensible and offensive expression to use!

As if there’s anything unhealthy about a party which simply stands for love of country and an end to alien colonisation.

If there’s anything unwholesome in German politics, it’s the arrogant intolerance among the Blockparteien in-crowd….Blockparteien Battered! …to use police -state tactics to quell dissent.



Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration -which regards any German patriot resistance to alien infestation as an outrage. Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 

In fact the letter ‘does not mention the AfD by name,‘ merely sets out a common-sense call for a ‘readiness for coalition talks with “all democratically elected parties!”

Which the AfD clearly is – parties hostile to democracy are, or at least can be, banned in Germany, as indeed both the evil KPD (Communist Party) and a couple of extreme right parties have been.

But as the Guardian notes, any such rapprochement would be ‘a breach of the CDU’s official party’ diktat. This would be a giant leap forward for Germany.

A lot of Germans still vote according to habit, the CDU having once been fairly conservative, but many of them must feel uncomfortable, to say the least, that their leader has made their streets unsafe for women and girls to walk on after dark. More so, since Mama Stasi coalesced with the Socialist SPD.


Will the fightback begin soon? Or has it already begun?

If a band of bold party notables show enough guts to make common cause with the AfD, and that turns into an alliance against the Enemy Within, millions will follow.

There’s a party congress on 22nd November. There could be fire-works.

Let’s hope the CDU implodes.