Free Time? Head For Broxtowe Or Beaconsfield! Take The Turncoats DOWN!

Jo Swinson’s party is also expected to strike a pact with Anna Soubry, the pro-remain former Tory MP who leads the Independent Group for Change, to give her a free run in her Broxtowe seat. An announcement is expected as early as Tuesday and follows the disclosure that the Lib Dems would stand aside to help former Tory MP Dominic Grieve save his Beaconsfield seat. 

There are few candidates more worthy of contempt and detestation than those two,

If any readers back in The Old Country are wondering how best to expend their election energy and there’s not much going on in your immediate vicinity, might I suggest – if either of those constituencies are near enough – that you go and volunteer your services.

Up to you, but if I were over there, I’d go all out to bring down Gagool…


….aka Shrill Soubry, the notorious Fourth Reich Fan!