Muppet Macron’s “Hard Line?” The FT’s Sense Of Humour!?

 Macron’s hard line on migration alarms rights groups

Har har har!

That headline appeared last month in the Financial Times, but this past week we learned the truth, that Macron is a paper tiger.

I don’t believe either in the fallacious statements made by some in Europe and elsewhere that we would be stronger if we were to close our bordersThat’s not true either…”

Anyone who expects anything else is blind to reality.


Le Muppet Macron no more has a ‘hard line’ on the migrant menace than I have a craving to date the Labour Party’s Diane Abbot!


Of course the rancid subversives in the ‘alarmed rights groups’ define the French state’s flaccid policies as being ‘hard’ – anything except demolition of border checks altogether is ‘hard’ in the eyes of the Open Borders gang.

But this week what do we see? Sure, the filthy alien brutes squatting in parts of Paris have been carted off, removing visible urban blight, but where were they carted off to?

Other parts of Paris, not to airports or sea-ports for rapid removal.

On France24 yesterday, the Paris Police Chief said all those ‘lacking proper papers’ would be deported, but have these parasites been moved to secure detention?

If not, they’ll scarper sharpish. If they have been detained, the ‘rights rats’ will despatch lawyers quoting the Strasbourg robed rogues…

 Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..



…who long since ‘ruled’ that illegal aliens should not be treated as illegal, and on no account be arrested!

Macron has observed his courts turn loose leftists who aid and abet illegal immigration, like that swine Herou…


Collaborateur! But No Justice Likely In Hollande’s France 


…and worse…

Free The Gap Three – And Can The Pro-Crimmigrant Judge-Jerks! 

…so much worse, they have jailed patriots trying to stop crimmigrants getting into France.

Any leader worth his salt would have initiated urgent legal reforms to make sure no more subversives were let off.

He would have pardoned the imprisoned patriots too.

Macron has done nothing to deport the marauding illegals making life hell for townspeople up and down the Channel coast. He has not denounced the rotten left-lice who rant in solidarity with Calais crimmigrants…


…as this past week, when ‘aid groups have protested over “inhuman” conditions for migrants and refugees’ there.

Don’t these pinko creeps know the illegals are there by their own choice, and have no grounds whatosoever for their whining?

He has, like his predecessor Le Retch Hollande, tinkered with that problem –  in the latter’s case, much to the detriment of other French communities. Hollande even lashed out at democratic protest by French patriots –

In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order


Nor has Macron cracked down on jihadist aliens, no death penalty, not even internment, thousands of them swarming French streets..



French Cops OK! But There’s Still Blood On Macron’s Hands!

…despite all the death and wounds suffered by French folk at jihadist hands.

All he has done recently is import more aliens and share the Euro-Commissars urge to spread the plague, parcelling out new bludger-batches around the other lands of Europe, instead of loading them straight back aboard their boats and despatching them back across the Med.

So how come the FT flashes such a headline, which if we didn’t know better would raise our hopes?

Easy answer – they swallow all the rubbish that Macron spews out for his own electoral advantage, and of course the ultra-liberal FT editors are on his side and against the patriotic alternative on offer to French voters!



Concern among white, working-class French people over mass migration has long fuelled support for Ms Le Pen’s RN, which won the most votes and narrowly beat Mr Macron’s LREM in voting for European Parliament elections in May.