Cockatoo Vote Fraud Bad – Human Vote Safeguards…Bad Too?

The Guardian is a God-Awful newspaper…

Guardian Jackboot Bigot Calls Brexit Brits “Thugs!=

Guardian’s Nick ‘Storm-Troop’ Cohen.

Guardian Bigot- “Don’t Even Acknowledge Patriot Point Of View!” 

….a bastion of intolerant leftism…

Middle-Aged Posh Dirty-Mouth -‘Politicians Mustn’t Appeal To The People!’ 

… well as home to gibbering blue-blood pinkolettes.

But it can usually be relied on to be consistent in its cacophonous caterwauling.

 This week, however, its various editions ( it is globalist but has regional issues) take interestingly different tones on the problem of voting fraud.

In the USA, there’s a long rambling diatribe about how the wise moves in various states to ensure that votes are cast only by those properly entitled to vote are, in fact, cruelly calculated schemes aimed at “suppressing the votes of the poor, the young and the non-white..

That’s hogwash, of course.

There is much legitimate concern in America about illegal aliens getting to vote ( no doubt for those candidates who despicably pander to such parasites) …

UK Labour Joins US Dems Voter Fraud Fan-Club! 

  U.S Elections – Citizens Out-Voted by Obama’s Illegals? 

…as has been known to happen even in Merry England!

“Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!” 

….and sensible state legislatures have drawn up measures to prevent the crime.

None of the measures, needless to say, singles out poor people, nor young people, nor non-white people.

Yet what a different sort of shrilling we hear from Guardian Australia!

Fierce concern all over the page about fraudulent activity in respect of ‘The Australian Bird Of The Year.’

Why any such contest exists baffles me.

Who cares which of the many fine feathered friends is best, and what qualities are counted?


Image result for cockatoos"


Cockatoos flying by the house at sun-down impressed me but not my hosts, who dissed them as ‘noisy buggers,’ a year ago when last I visited.

My admiration for the ibis, which abound in Aussie public parks, was also not shared. The birds so prominently glorified…

Image result for thoth"

….in Egyptian mythology were disparaged as ‘bin-chickens!’

But the contest seems, inexplicably, to be a big thing in Oz!

The Guardian’s own devices have apparently ‘detected and addressed significant vote-tampering..

….and last Sunday alarm increased when ‘a spike in the vote count for the cockatoo was observed by readers and flagged with us…’

Who would be so lame-brained as to commit voter fraud in a bird contest?

Image result for bird brain"


But good the Guardian wants it to be a fair fight, without fraud.

So why are their American counterparts dead set against keeping American elections clean?

Image result for voter fraud"

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