ECJ Ruling – ‘Yellow Star’ Labels Coming To Your Shops Soon?

i note the notorious ‘European Court of Justice’ – yes, the one we wrote about recently on an unrelated matter…

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…has ruled that shoppers in Europe must be warned against Israeli goods produced in disputed territory.

This ‘branding’ has provoked even the Green German lefty Volker Beck, whose surprisingly sensible thinking we have praised before…

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….to protest.

The verdict is not the problem,” he told DW. “The problem is the politics of the European Commission. What is presented as consumer protection is actually foreign policy.”

And the European Commission is apparently only applying international law when the issue is about Israel.”

Other Germans too will be more than a little vexed about this diktat, which we discussed a while ago…

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It has not yet been reported if large Nazi-style Yellow Stars will be stamped on such Israeli imports…


…but given that no similar ‘buyer-beware’ warnings are to be imposed on goods connected to any other disputes around the world, the robed rogues in Strasbourg are clearly taking a uniquely anti-Jewish stand…

….so it will be interesting to see if they are honest enough to match their victims’ products with the traditional Jew-baiter designation.