Will Braying Jackass Bray Get A Welcome In Wales?

According to Brexit Central, that jackass Steve Bray, whose asinine bawling outside Parliament must have made him into one of the most detested dorks in the UK – not bad for a total nonentity…


…has finally decided to ‘put his money where his mouth is...’

And WHAT a mouth!

Question 1  – where does ‘his money’ come from?

Many people assume he is as rich as Croesus, given that he clearly has for months had no need to earn a living by going to work every day, or any day!

It’s also possible, of course, that he is unemployed, getting by on benefits, which normally require the recipient to be looking for honest toil.

Does anyone know?

Whatever, he is now apparently ready to stand, predictably, as a Lib Dem candidate.

Questions 2 and 3…

Does that really require him to ‘put his money’ anywhere?

Doesn’t the Lib Dem party finance their parliamentary candidates’ campaigns?

Again, whatever.

His bleating, blaring voice will be echoing around the sylvan slopes of Cynon Valley, in Wales, where, Brexit Central usefully explains, there was a 56.7% pro-Brexit outcome in the People’s Vote of June 2016.

Question 4

Will the Welsh harken to his cacophonous calls?