UK Nominations Closed! Will Fop Johnson’s Obduracy Put Sinn Fein Fan In No. 10?

From Brexit Central this afternoon.

“I would have stood down in lots of key marginals in return for a few on the other side. I would not have even asked for 40 [seats]… There would have been a guaranteed Leave majority in Parliament and they refused to do it. It is completely maddening.

“I said to them, ‘I can win you the general election now’, and they chose not to take that option.”


Nigel Farage


A Brexit Party source added overnight: “At every election the Tories have upwards of 100 paper candidates. If this offer was made it was an offer of the status quo, in other words, no offer at all.”

And I have scheduled this post for publication on or about the moment the deadline for nominations is reached.


Much though I have lost a lot of respect for Farage…

For God’s Sake! For Britain’s Sake, Nigel! Copping Out Like This Shames You! 

….there’s nothing to dispute in what he says above.

Johnson’s arrogance, admittedly predictable in a public school twerp…



…has led him irresponsibly to refuse ANY kind of arrangement with ANY other party hostile to the Remainer coalition of LibDems, Gagool Soubry and her grot-gang, Green Lefts and nutty Welsh separatists.



By deliberately splitting the vote, The Fop could easily be handing Blood-Beast Adams’ buddy, Comrade Corbyn, the keys to Number Ten.