R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!! Three Cheers For This Syrian Muslim!


What a welcome blast of fresh air in Greece, where the ‘leader of the Syrian community in the country said that refugees need to respect the Greek way of life.’

The man’s name is Anwar Bakri, and he’s Secretary General of the Syrian Association of Greece.



AND  he has attended a ‘controversial’ beer and pork barbecue held by a Greek patriot group outside one of the notorious crimmigrant camps, ‘holding a can of beer, saying that Greece is a free country.’

“Here, whoever wants to drink a beer, can do so, whoever wants to eat pork, can also do so,” he noted.

Syrian Leader: We Must Respect Greece, We Are Not in the Caliphate Anymore

Anwar Bakri

We are not living in an Islamic state. We are not in the ISIS caliphate. We must get over the Middle Ages,” he added.

Even better, perhaps, is his denunciation of the dark forces operating not only in Greece but all over Europe and indeed the world.



The representative of the Syrian community also claimed that the migrant and refugee issue in Greece is a “huge business.”

He then launched a scathing attack against human rights-oriented NGO’s and the United Nations High Commission on Refugees, saying that “they act like gangsters,” making millions out of the misfortune of refugees…

Great stuff!

So many of those so-called ‘Non-Government’ Organisations lap up government funds…

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We have raised this issue time and again…

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…as we have reported often, and as for UNHCR…

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…so three cheers for Mr. Bakri!

What a splendid contrast with so many of the crimmigrants, who have shown vile discourtesy, to say the least, to the citizens of the country that’s hosting them.

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And what a magnificent contrast to an arrogant upstart named Anna Stamou, ‘spokeswoman for the Muslim Association of Greece.’

That insolent bint gave Vice a rabid rant.

.“This nationalist barbecue, which is actually a xenophobic demonstration of a tiny hater group, is attempting to hurt the desperate refugees who have suffered in their countries of origin,”

But in the Greek Parliament common sense could be heard, not from the far-left Syriza of course, which, when it ruled under Red Tsipras’s leadership, displayed utter disregard for Greeks and pandered to the aliens…


Konstantinos Kyranakis


….but from a patriotic MP named Kostantinos Kyranakis, who belongs to the ruling New Democracy party.

Mr. Kyranakis quite rightly asserted that ‘Greeks shouldn’t have to adapt their way of life to accommodate immigrants. He later doubled down by posting a picture on Facebook of him and his friends eating pork souvlaki and drinking beer… ‘ https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/kz49xx/a-bunch-of-racists-are-holding-a-booze-fueled-bbq-outside-of-a-migrant-camp-in-greece

Well said, sir! And well done!

Decent Muslims have no problem with people eating pork and drinking beer.

It’s entirely a matter of personal taste. Nobody’s going to force any Muslim to join in!

In a free country, any intolerants who do have such a problem should shut their traps and MYOB!

Or hit the road!