NZ Euthanasia Referendum? Why Not On Capital Punishment?

I rarely get much from New Zealand to comment on, and it’s been a while…

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..though when I do, the stories are usually interesting….

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….but this latest news, that MPs there are bowing to the democratic principle, giving Kiwis a referendum on euthanasia, is most welcome.

BUT…why only on euthanasia?

In a true democracy, if the people are indeed sovereign, they should have the right to a citizens’ initiative, demanding a vote on any issue.

I have no idea how New Zealanders feel about the death penalty, but in many Western lands the politicians are seriously out of step with the people.


The political class is almost openly contemptuous of us common folk. Certainly, when the UK ended capital punishment, British MPs arrogantly over-rode the wishes of the electorate.

I have heard that there are concerns too about immigration in NZ, that tiresome leftist PM sabotaging a sensible reform planned by her coalition partner.

Inexplicably, she seems to like the idea of aliens getting in based on the primitive practice of ‘arranged marriage.’



Why don’t the reformers challenge her to put that VIP (very important policy) to a people’s vote?